Dear School Leader,

I know you're having a challenging time right now. A cyber-attack is the last thing you need on your plate. I know this for a few reasons.

1.      Our company has built it's 38 years of business serving Missouri Schools.

2.      I am a School Board President at a rural school right in the middle of the State of Missouri.

The last few days have been a challenge that I never thought I would be signing up for when joining the school board at Tipton R-VI.  Two weeks ago, we were “fired up” as we say in Tipton, to chase our school bus full of girls' basketball players down to the State Championship in Springfield. Then we got the call that only 150 people could go, this was devastating. As Kenny Chesney would say, "In little towns like mine, that's all we got."  At Midwest Computech our team not only serves schools, we are part of them, we are family. We partner with well over 100 Missouri Schools on an annual basis, and we're all facing this challenge together.  If anything has ever hit home to the Midwest Computech family, this is it.

We know your school may already have technology relationships, staff, and patrons available to you.   You may not need another opinion on your cyber-security.   That said, we want you to know that we care about serving ALL Missouri Kids and we’re here to assist you. We're available to have a “no strings attached” conversation about what you are facing right now.   We're committed to helping you get your technology needs met quickly.

Our biggest concern with the coronavirus pandemic regarding technology is how cyber-criminals will respond to the opportunity.  We will work hard to protect what our Missouri Schools have worked so hard for, providing safety and quality education for our kids.  Unfortunately, cyber-crime doesn’t sleep.  Right now, criminals are working to take advantage of weak securities in remote access and looking for any hole in network security.   If you have staff that plans to work from home, PLEASE get the opinion of an outside cyber-security professional.  Call us for free advice, resources, and training materials. We partner with the Department of Homeland Security and other IT experts around the United States to ensure our team of around 50 school technology professionals are doing the right things and keeping our kids safe.

Call us today for a FREE Consultation from our K12 IT Support offices in Columbia Missouri and Sedalia Missouri on mobilizing your staff or helping you to provide new remote services for your staff, students, and patrons.