The largest single effort of school and library technology funding in our nation’s history is coming according to the FFC.   You can watch the announcement from Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel here.   Get ready to be part of this unbelievable 7.1 Billion Dollar opportunity and position your school to be an advanced learning center providing exceptional technology for students.   Midwest schools and those in Missouri have suffer far too long with poor connectivity and lack of student devices.   Students have struggled to learn with limitation and the pandemic only worsened the problem.  You can help your students and community today with the Emergency Connectivity Fund.

Midwest Computech is your school’s expert technology partner located right here in Missouri in the heart of the nation.   We are ready serve you and we’re completely set up with all the requirements to provide products and services now.   We’ve completed all the preliminary work, so you don’t have to wait around for a vendor to go through all the rigors of getting set up with the federal government. We’ve already done the work and are ready to hit the ground running.  We provide the best products and expert talent to get the solutions you need.

With Midwest Computech located in Columbia and Sedalia Missouri you can rest easy knowing our massive buying power backed by over 50 school technical experts can not only deliver the product on time and on budget, but also be the best choice for getting it installed.    With our vast vendor relationships with the top brands like HP, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Aruba, Sophos, and many more, your products will be ready when you need them.  Our school IT Support Service Experts are certified by the top manufactures of technologies.  We have our on-fleet transportation to get to your location safely and on time.  We don’t use the title Engineer loosely; we are certified to back up what you purchase and even handle the warranty process for you.  Eligible equipment includes, modems, Wi-Fi access points, laptops, tablet computers, and more.

There will be a 45-day application window to take advantage of this massive opportunity for school technology funding through the federal government so don’t delay in starting the process and calling Midwest Computech at 800-346-8934 or today.

The ECF application filing will begin on June 29th and close on August 13th so get this completed before that summer vacation.   Find the information here.