This month we will talk about having a technology plan and a budget for your organization. Many organizations including Missouri school districts, city governments, and area businesses ask Midwest Computech how they can better plan for expenses regarding their technology and cybersecurity.  This is a great question and a very important process for every organization to go through on an annual basis. When organizations implement a technology plan and budget, they often find themselves in a much better financial and overall technology position.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from Missouri superintendents of schools and business owners Is that they hate getting surprised with billings in the middle of the fiscal year.  Some expenses that are often overlooked include rotating old equipment, licensing for software and hardware, and price increases from the ISP (internet service provider).  Sitting down with your technology professional before the beginning of your fiscal year and during your budget planning time is mission critical to avoid emergency expenses throughout the year.

At Midwest Computech we provide a thorough process with our customers to make sure we are budgeting properly for their technology expenses over the coming year.

Cybersecurity is a very important area of focus for most businesses these days. If your organization has not implemented a proper backup and disaster recovery solution, two factor authentication, and vulnerability testing and scanning, now is the time to adjust your budget to include these items. There is absolutely no reason to get a surprise in the middle of the year or miss an important piece of your technology or cybersecurity because it was not planned for.

If you would like to implement a high-quality technology plan and budget for your Missouri business, school district, or city or county government, contact us today at and our team can help.

Happy budgeting! From your friends at Midwest Computech.