Midwest Computech Launches a Cloud Computing Data Center in Sedalia, MO

By Greg Miller Technology spending for cloud computing is on the rise, which is no surprise when one considers the growth this sector has experienced.   Many small businesses opt to leverage cloud services in order to control cost, cut back on equipment purchases, and enhance their business operations.   According to Forbes Magazine, Gartner, a technology … Continued

Budgeting for Education Technology

It’s no surprise that technology spending for schools is on the rise. In 2013, education technology spending reached $13 billion worldwide, and it is projected to reach $19 billion by 2019, according to Fortune Magazine. From Chromebooks to iPads, schools are integrating technology for students and staff at a rapid pace. As a school administrator, … Continued

The Needs of a Modern Technology Department

Modern education technology is no longer focused on maintaining a set number of computers. Schools are integrating virtual platforms and cloud technologies as well as security, phone, intercom, projection systems, and all kinds of management software. Technology platforms have evolved from only Microsoft hardware and software to Google Chromebooks, Apple iPads, virtual systems, and a … Continued

Proactive Approach Can Help Blunt Cybersecurity Threats

What would you do if a hacker accessed your company’s files? Corrupted important data? Accessed confidential client information and sold it on the black market? Stole your company’s operating files and made you pay money to get it back? If it sounds alarming, it should. In 2016, U.S. companies and government agencies suffered a record … Continued

Midwest Computech Acquires EasyPC

This is a strategic decision to help us be more intentional in growing the company to serve the IT needs of small businesses, particularly professional service and medical providers,” said David Nivens, CEO of Midwest Computech. Read More

Back-to-School Time: Will Your IT Pass or Fail?

The start of a new school year is filled with excitement for kids and teachers. But for some tech directors, this time of year can come with a lot of anxiety as many worry about potential technology failures. We’ve helped dozens of school districts solve issues – from improper set up of new computers or … Continued

3 simple IT security tricks literally anyone can implement

3 simple IT security tricks literally anyone can implement For many business owners who might not be technologically inclined, IT security can seem like a daunting burden. How can you keep up with the latest malware threats and security trends when you’ve got a company to run? Our advice to every business owner is to … Continued

5 Signs Your Business Should Invest In IT Security

One of the biggest challenges business owners face today is IT security. The priority of protecting your customer’s information is greater now then it has ever been. According to USA Today a staggering 43% of companies in the United States have experienced a data breach in the past year alone. It seems like every time … Continued