3 simple IT security tricks literally anyone can implement

3 simple IT security tricks literally anyone can implement For many business owners who might not be technologically inclined, IT security can seem like a daunting burden. How can you keep up with the latest malware threats and security trends when you’ve got a company to run? Our advice to every business owner is to … Continued

5 Signs Your Business Should Invest In IT Security

One of the biggest challenges business owners face today is IT security. The priority of protecting your customer’s information is greater now then it has ever been. According to USA Today a staggering 43% of companies in the United States have experienced a data breach in the past year alone. It seems like every time … Continued

Technology In Our Schools

Education Technology is a Growing Concern: Even though our minds may still be stuck in summer vacation mode, the school year is getting ready to start. Aside from assuring that curriculum, transportation, and lunch programs are up to par, school districts must also have exceptional technologies in place to support the students and staff while … Continued

How Technology Policies Improve Your Business

As a business owner, you might lie awake at night worrying about many things. If one of these is liability related to the ways your employees may potentially use your company’s computers and computer-related technology, it’s time for a computer use policy and user agreement. And if it’s not worrying you, maybe it should be. … Continued

To Outsource or Not? That Is the Question

Dealing with technology issues is just part of growing a business, but technology can quickly become a big pain, even for small businesses. One of the biggest growth service industries is the outsourcing of information technology. But is outsourcing the right way to go? Let’s discuss the pros and cons. Expertise Outsourcing pro: A dedicated … Continued

Technology Disaster Planning: Do You Have a Plan If Things Go Wrong?

What would your company do if the facility you work in or the facility that houses your company’s data were destroyed by fire, flood or tornado? In Missouri, all of these are real threats. Sure, it might never happen to you, but if it does, are you ready? I’m increasingly surprised to see or hear … Continued

Will Technology Replace Realtors?

As we all know, technology has changed the way most of us conduct business. In sales there is a constant demand to be on top of your game and know about the latest offerings and pricing. This helps you close your next transaction and achieve the best value to your client. This is, of course, … Continued

Mobile Work Style

When Midwest Computech’s senior engineer Corey Bruce and I went to the 2015 Citrix Summit, one of the industry’s leading annual IT conferences, we had one main takeaway: The mobile work style will continue to be a trend in need of solutions. For those of you who might not know, Citrix is a leading software … Continued

Gameday Wi-Fi

When I go to a football game, I go to watch it; however, I’m amazed by how many people go to the game but are watching their cellphone screens instead of the action on the field. (I would understand this if it were a Kansas Jayhawk game.) People will upload photos and videos of what … Continued

IT Innovations: Intel’s Compute Stick

IT is always changing, and there are new innovations almost daily. Whether it is a new app, piece of software or device, everyone is trying to outdo everyone else. But one new innovation that stands out as a game changer in the IT world is the Intel Compute Stick. With demand for efficiency in the … Continued