Tyler Technologies, Inc. announced a formal partnership with Infinite Campus on July 21, 2022. Through this partnership, Tyler's school ERP and student transportation solutions will become the preferred system available to Infinite Campus clients. This agreement will enable Infinite Campus customers to access Tyler's comprehensive suite of products and services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of K-12 schools and districts.

This partnership between Tyler Technologies and Infinite Campus marks an important step forward in providing K-12 schools with comprehensive solutions that help streamline processes, improve safety protocols, and increase operational efficiencies across their districts.

Infinite Campus, a proven leader in student information software, has partnered with Tyler Technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for K-12 districts. This partnership will give districts the opportunity to connect their public sector with integrated technology and continue Tyler's mission of connecting the public sector. With this partnership, K-12 districts can now access an advanced suite of tools that will help them streamline their operations and make informed decisions on how best to serve their students.

The partnership between Tyler SIS and Infinite Campus is a major step forward for school districts looking to migrate from the former to the latter. This partnership will help school districts make the transition to Infinite Campus, providing them with technical support and guidance on how best to use the new platform. The partnership will also provide access to a range of new tools and features, allowing school districts to access data more quickly and efficiently than ever before. With Tyler SIS and Infinite Campus working in tandem, school districts can be sure of having reliable technology at their disposal for all their educational needs.

The switch to a new software partner can be a big decision for any school and district. It is important to research all the options available, as the partnership may not be a fit for every school. In order to make sure that the transition is successful, it is important to ask questions such as: how easy will it be to make the switch? What will our tech department have to do in order to complete the migration process? How will it impact our current systems and processes?

By taking these steps, school districts can ensure that they are making an informed decision when choosing their new technology partner. Ultimately, they can ensure that they are getting the most out of their partnership while avoiding any potential risks or issues.

The classroom technology industry is ever-changing and evolving. This is why it's important for educational institutions to stay ahead of the game and use the latest technologies available. Infinite Campus, a leading SIS provider, partnered with Tyler Technologies to deliver their leading ERP solutions to Tyler’s clients. This collaboration will allow schools to access the best-in-class technologies that will enable them to manage their classrooms more effectively and efficiently. With this partnership, Infinite Campus and Tyler Technologies will be able to provide their customers with an unparalleled experience in the classroom technology industry.

Technology Department Impacts during the migration.

Software migrations are becoming increasingly important in today's tech-driven world. As more school move their operations to the cloud, IT technicians play a vital role in ensuring that the process is successful and efficient. They are responsible for helping organizations migrate their data and applications from one platform to another without any disruption or loss of data.

IT technicians also help ensure that all aspects of the migration are properly managed, including system backups, testing, security protocols, communication with the software vendor, and user training. They can also provide advice on how to best utilize new technologies in order to maximize efficiency and cost savings. With their expertise, school IT technicians and departments can make sure that major software migrations are handled smoothly and successfully.

Some Missouri Superintendents have expressed their excitement about the partnership and said their district’s technology department is working to make the transition process as smooth as possible. With this new partnership, schools can expect improved data accuracy, streamlined processes and enhanced communication between all stakeholders in the education system.

The Tyler SIS and Infinite Campus Partnership will no doubt make a positive difference in Missouri Schools by providing them with a comprehensive student information system that is tailored to meet their needs.

What is the size of these software providers?

Infinite Campus is a powerful student information system (SIS) that has about 8 million students across the country in 2300 school districts. It offers a comprehensive suite of features and services that enable school districts to manage data, track student progress, and keep parents informed. Infinite Campus has around 50+ districts in Missouri with around 180,000 students. Infinite Campus is equipped to handle an extensive user base and boast they can handle the influx from Tyler SIS.   Tyler SIS has about 550 clients with 850,000 students and 2200 schools using their transportation solutions according to a K12 Tech Talk podcast featuring leaders from the two software providers.

How Midwest Computech can help your school district during the software migration from Tyler SIS to Infinite Campus

Midwest Computech is a leading provider of engineering IT resources and IT consulting services for Missouri Schools, and we can help make transitions smoother for school districts. With our expertise in engineering and migrations, Midwest Computech can serve as an invaluable resource for a district tech team. We will provide the necessary communication between the district and software provider, if needed, to ensure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to making changes or updates to the system during the migration process. In addition, we can provide technical advice and guidance in order to make sure that all parties understand the implications of any changes being made.  This helps Missouri School District technology departments stay focused on serving students and staff versus being distracted with the software migration and challenges.

Some schools could face challenges if they are currently hosting SIS on their own servers.  Schools with legacy servers such as Server 2012 R2 will reach end of life in during first semester, October 10, 2023.   Schools may also need assistance with integrating and exchanging date between other software’s such as Clever, Text Book Applications, Learning management systems and more.    If your district needs help during software migration, please contact Midwest Computech for support.