The protection of data is a top priority.  A disaster recovery plan is a critical component for any organization.

Comprehensive Data Protection

There are many ways to protect data, and there are also many reasons why data can be lost or corrupted in the first place. Comprehensive data protection with SafetyNet from Midwest Computech ensures that your data is protected from any disaster, whether it be natural or man-made.

Data protection is the process of securing data from unauthorized access. It can be achieved by implementing different methods and technologies such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, passwords, firewalls, and power and data backup.

Backups are critical in case of a disaster. They can save your organization from losing everything. Making backups and having them stored offsite or in another location is a good idea if you want to protect your data. You can also use them to recover lost data in case of a ransomware attack, lightning strike, or damage to systems.

What’s best is you don’t have to stress about losing your data, the Midwest Computech backup team has you covered.   Our certified technicians are friendly, and efficient, and we treat your data backup like it's our own.

SafetyNet by Midwest Computech outperforms your old backup system

SafetyNet supplies faster recovery and response times, disaster recovery transparency, and automated security.

Organizations rely on SafetyNet to store their data and back up their endpoints. This is because it's affordable, convenient, and secure.  There are many benefits of using our direct-to-cloud SafetyNet option for your data backups. The first one is that you don't need to worry about hardware failures anymore because your data will be stored in a remote location. Another benefit is that you can use the cloud for offsite backup so you don't have to worry about your backups being in one place if there is a natural disaster or human error that could lead to data loss.

We offer a range of options to meet your budget, environment, infrastructure, and compliance requirements.

If you are looking for a rock-solid efficient solution for managing and protecting your data, we have an on-premise solution that also replicates to the cloud.   These solutions are great for businesses, schools, and government agencies that want to drastically reduce downtime in case of a disaster.    We will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your needs based on budget, environment, infrastructure, and compliance requirements.

Simply put we will simplify your tech stack to save you time and money.

SafetyNet is Always On and Always Protecting

Our built-in, always-on feature ensures business continuity even if there are human errors.  We all know that human error is one of the top causes of data loss. But we also know that it can be prevented with a little extra dedication, discipline, and the right solution in place.  This is where built-in, always-on features come in handy.  We take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our chain-free solution is a new paradigm for backup and recovery. It solves the problems of legacy, chain-based backups by storing data in a native virtualized state so that each recovery point is independent. AirGap anti-ransomware technology is also baked into our SafetyNet and uses the separation of data deletion requests from deletion mechanics to prevent malicious overwriting of the data.

At the end of the day, nobody wants to lose data.

We supply continuous protection without downtime or disruption to your workflow. We’re your own personal IT department with SafetyNet running 24/7.  If you’re ready to get serious about backing up your data call us and experience the benefits of working with the Midwest Computech backup team.

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