We're working hard in Columbia Missouri on Education IT Security for You!
Just like your Board of Education, Midwest Computech is working even harder during these uncertain times. Our focus is to keep Missouri Schools safe from cyber-crime. During the 2019-2020 school year, we all shared in the struggles. We've had to change how we work, educate, and live; It's been a year we'll never forget.
It's now time to get back to school and everyone is wondering what the new normal might look like. One thing we can be sure of is, cyber-criminals are not asleep at the wheel. The Midwest Computech Security Team is working long hours to protect Missouri Schools. We're talking to educators throughout Missouri to plan and tackle technology challenges. We've implemented new ways to scan networks, mitigate ransomware, and protect school information. We're here to help with your IT Support and Security needs.
Don't go it alone. We're aligned with education specialists, school board members, educators, and the Department of Homeland Security. School cyber-security should be a team effort and partnering with Midwest Computech puts your district at a unique advantage. We can help evaluate your network security and work-from-home procedures to ensure your not the next victim of a cyber-attack. Get this school year started right by contacting us today!