Two weak links in organizations regarding cyber-security are employees and their passwords.

These are factors that are likely to be the cause of a breach causing your organization to suffer. But there are tools and processes available to help you.

In addition to the services you have with us; Here are the 4 solutions we recommend you implement:

  • 2-Factor Authentication - This method of log in adds a simple and secure solution for your organization by requiring users to approve their login requests from their smartphone.
  •  Microsoft 365 Backups – If you use 365, Microsoft backs up the data you save in the cloud, however, in the event of a disaster or cyber-attack, the last thing you want to do is wait days to get your data restored by Microsoft support engineers. With the Midwest Computech additional layer of backup and disaster recovery, you can trust our team to get your data restored much faster.
  • Phish Threat Testing - With this solution we’ll send harmless emails to your organization at random times that simulate hacker emails.  We’ll see how your team responds and report the results back to your leadership.
  • Employee Training – Don’t go it alone. Call our office and ask for Clint to come to your office and train your team on how to protect your organization. This 45-minute course will get your team knowledgeable on how to keep your organization safe.
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