One solution Midwest Computech consults on often is network management. Missouri organizations find themselves continuing to purchase more and more bandwidth from their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to combat the growing need for network speed. After all, it makes sense to purchase more bandwidth if your computer network is running slow and not meeting your expectations. Or does it?

Many times, we discover other issues that tend to be the root cause of the network being slow. While ISPs tell their clients, “Increase your speed” AND pay us more, they rarely ask – “What type of network switches and firewalls do you have in place and how are they configured?” Organizations can potentially save money over the long run by partnering with a certified IT Support Services company like Midwest Computech to consult, design, and configure their network.

According to Midwest Computech engineers, Justin, and John, using policy-based routing and Quality of Service methods along with the properly designed network switches and firewalls; you can help your organization control the costs and speed of your network. Partnering with Midwest Computech for your network management, cabling infrastructure, and security can position your school or business to work more efficiently and may ultimately reduce your recurring costs on bandwidth.

With all the Internet reliant hardware and software technologies such as VOIP (voice over IP phones), Chromebooks, iPhones, Microsoft 365, Google Apps, and more; your organization needs IT support services from the certified professionals at Midwest Computech to help you get the most from your computer network and bandwidth.

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