Midwest Computech works with over one hundred schools in Missouri. One thing we hear in the field is the old saying “We’ve got an IT Guy.”  While one or a few technicians used to be able to take care of most of the IT needs of a school district, this type of setup no longer works and puts school districts at a huge security risk when it comes to their technology and data. Even larger IT support service teams at school districts may lack the experience, expertise, and resources to protect your district against threat actors. The simple facts are one person cannot be an expert at all technologies and monitor the cybersecurity needs for a school. When you have cybersecurity best practices as a requirement and expectation for your school, your IT support staff does not have the time or expertise to make sure your school is safe, secure, and still manage all the support tickets from your staff and students. The technology field has expanded so rapidly in the past few years and months that even the top experts cannot be knowledgeable on all things or simply do not have the time to keep up with every request. Cyber-crime seems to be growing at the speed of light and putting your head in the stand will not make it go away or protect your school and its community. Do not put your school district at a huge risk for a cyber-attack by relying on IT support staff to manage all your cybersecurity needs.

Midwest Computech partners with the top cybersecurity vendors in the technology industry to provide a comprehensive disaster prevention solution that addresses K12 school needs. We bundled all the best practice hardware and software solutions into our solution and we back it up with our award-winning support service team. Our team can position your school district to be in a safer place now and in the future. If you would like to learn more about how to avoid ransomware, disaster, and other cybersecurity threats in your Missouri school district, please contact us today at 573-499-6928, 660-826-4700, or solutions@midwestcomputech.com