Pen testing is a critical component of cybersecurity. The process of pen testing will help one to identify the vulnerabilities, threats and risks that are present in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

A pen test is not only a test, but it is also an examination that focuses on the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Pen tests are conducted by professional penetration testers who use a set of tools to find out different vulnerabilities and threats in the system. A PEN tester is an individual aided by machines and software who is tasked with the responsibility of testing and exploiting a given network. PEN testers are also referred to as penetration testers, ethical hackers, or cybersecurity specialists.

Midwest Computech's automated and full-scale penetration testing platform, included in our SafetyNet solution, makes it possible to test networks at scale with the help of technology. It automatically tests for vulnerabilities, finds the weakest points in your network, and generates reports so stakeholders can remediate vulnerabilities before hackers can sabotage their networks.

The Midwest Computech SafetyNet platform is able to automate all aspects of penetration testing including vulnerability scanning, vulnerability exploitation, privilege escalation, lateral movement detection, and post-exploitation activities such as data exfiltration or denial of service attacks.

Pen testing has been largely used in the banking and financial industry but now it is used in the education, city government, and small business sectors as well. Pen testing can be done on most systems. It can also be done on networks, data centers, or anything else that may have a vulnerability.

Penetration testing is an important part of the IT security process, but it can be difficult for some organizations to find local resources who are qualified to do this type of work. This is because most companies do not have the proper skillset or experience in performing penetration testing, and they don't even know where to start looking for one.

This has led many businesses to turn to outsourced providers in order to get the help they need when it comes time for a Pen Test. Outsourced providers offer a range of services, from network monitoring and analysis, all the way up through penetration testing.

A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack on a network or system. Penetration tests are designed to find vulnerabilities in your organization's cyber defenses, and to recommend ways to fix those vulnerabilities.

The following five points can help you choose the right company for your penetration test:

  1. The company should be able to supply references from previous clients.
  2. The company should be available and willing to perform the penetration test.
  3. The consultant should have experience in performing these tests.
  4. The consultant should have the proper expertise, tools, and software to provide detailed reports and recommendations.
  5. The consultant should have experience with remediating vulnerabilities and cyber related problems.

Some organizations struggle to find qualified companies that can perform a Pen Test, but there are many reasons why they should not be discouraged. Midwest Computech provides a Missouri based security team of experienced cyber professionals that can work alongside your organization to identify and remediate security issues.  We can partner with your IT Team to provide a cybersecurity layer to your organization.   If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us at 573-499-6928 or email