MDR is your protection against the cyber bad guys.

Many organizations don’t realize there could be bad actors in their systems right now.   How could this happen you might ask.   Well, they could have snuck in on the coattails of one of your vendors.   Imagine one of your trusted people bringing in an innocent laptop they own and connecting it to your network - And Poof - the bad guy has entered the building!   Well not physically entered - but he is now shopping around your network from computer to computer stealing your information and doing whatever he wants with your confidential data.    These bad actors aren’t that weird neighbor that is still living in the basement playing video games.  Nope, they work for a business industry that is making billions off organizations that aren’t keeping up with their security.

SafetyNet, a Midwest Computech brand, is your best protection against the cyber bad guys.  Our team has been working in the cybersecurity industry for over 10 years.    We aren’t still figuring out how to protect organizations like your old computer company.   We are ready to partner with you to supply the resources and expertise you need to protect your business.  After all, Cybercrime is a business, and you don’t want to become a client.

This blog post talks about MDR.  Definitely, something you want to have a conversation with us about.

MDR is the next generation of cybersecurity services. It is a combination of technology and human expertise that can perform threat hunting, monitoring, and response. MDR is an alternative to traditional cybersecurity services that only offer technology or human expertise.  It provides BOTH.

Our MDR service is used by industry organizations with a high volume of cyber-attacks, including financial institutions, schools, government agencies, retail, and more.   It can also be used by any organization that wants to improve its cybersecurity posture through the use of advanced detection tools, automation, and expert analysts who are able to detect threats at scale.

MDRs are purpose-built for the enterprise. We offer you better protection, faster response times, and increased overall visibility into their networks.  By combining the three strategies of network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security into one single platform we can rapidly detect an attack as it happens.  Organizations need managed detection and response technology in order to be able to detect threats before they happen.

SafetyNet by Midwest Computech is designed to help organizations protect themselves from cyber threats. Our customizable cybersecurity suite of cloud-based and on-premise solutions incorporates intelligence and analytics to detect and prevent cyberattacks.  What’s best is you get to collaborate with our high-quality people who actually care about you and answer the phone when you call.

SafetyNet has been developed by Midwest Computech, a company that specializes in cybersecurity solutions for various industries. Our company was established in 1982 and has since grown into a leading provider of cybersecurity services for Missouri school districts, governments, financial institutions, healthcare, and other industries throughout the Midwest.

We supply protection against malware attacks, data breaches, ransomware attacks, etc. At Midwest Computech, we ensure that all facets of security work in tandem to support an organization’s business goals.

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